International advertising campaign

Since 1984, the image of the Marca España tourism brand has been associated with the famous Sol de Miró, the Spanish tourism logo that has since been used in the advertising campaigns organised by Turespaña. This logo was created in 1983 by Joan Miró, who offered it free of charge to the Spanish government for the promotion of Spain abroad. It continues to serve as a global benchmark, having been imitated by a variety of countries. Between this logo being adopted and the launch of the current “Spain is part of you” campaign in 2017, nine advertising campaigns were launched communicating a modernised image of Spain to turn it into a leading tourist destination.Until the end of the 1960s, advertising was aimed mainly at cultural tourism, visitors from upper classes, rather than a specific seasonal or geographical location. These were the years of “Spain is different”, a slogan that has become legendary in the history of advertising in our country. Subsequently, and until practically the end of the 70s, advertising focussed in particular on sun, sand and partying, pursuing a more recreational and popular form of tourism.

The concept

“You Deserve Spain” is a campaign that takes up the “Te Mereces España” concept, with a renewed approach adapted to the current times. It has been designed with the economic recovery of the sector in mind, with a view to maintaining Spain's leadership as an international tourist destination. With this in mind, its creativity appeals to the positive emotions and unique moments experienced when enjoying an unforgettable holiday in our country, because now you deserve Spain.

Campaign image
Campaign image

Target audience and campaign pieces

The target audience of You Deserve Spain can be divided into 4 large groups: families with children, seniors, young people and adults without children. This “multi-destination” campaign depicts the protagonists of the creative pieces in different settings in our country: Mediterranean beach, natural landscape, coastal town, heritage city, major urban hub, Camino de Santiago, etc. The campaign also encompasses multiple products and segments: food and wine, culture, road trips, sports, premium tourism, nightlife, LGTBI.The campaign maintains the typeset and “look & feel” of the original You Deserve campaign, adding new colours in line with the target audiences, destinations and products. It consists of 16 graphics or visuals in vertical and horizontal formats, 4 videos aimed at the different target audiences lasting 20 minutes and 25 short 6“/10” videos, specially designed for digital media, which enhance the notoriety of the brand and are easy to remember.

Global advertising strategy

As part of its global advertising strategy, Turespaña will develop three types of campaigns in 2023 with well-defined objectives that encompass the entire funnel. Firstly, Branded Content campaigns or promoted content in leading media aimed at Premium target audiences. The aim of these is consideration. Secondly, the You Deserve Spain and Anniversary Picasso campaigns, both consideration as the objective. Finally, the Coop campaigns in collaboration with OTAS/Tourist Platforms and different Spanish destinations, which have a clear conversion objective.

Campaign image
Campaign image

Deployment of the campaign

As part of the 2023 advertising campaign deployment calendar, You Deserve Spain can be divided into two phases. The first, in March-April, is aimed at “early bookers”, in particular families with children in the British market. Subsequently, the Late Summer campaign focuses on the autumn season and is aimed at couples without children, seniors and young people in the North American and LATAM markets.