With the slogan Caring for the future as its banner, Spain Talks has emerged as an innovative and necessary venture on the global tourism scene. It is a series of events aimed at the tourism sector in major source markets with the objective of highlighting and disseminating the sustainability initiatives that are transforming Spain, both in the public and private spheres. With an agile and dynamic format, these events offer a unique platform for exchanging ideas, learning and collaboration, positioning Spain as a destination as a leader in sustainability. Join Spain Talks on this exciting journey towards more responsible and sustainable tourism!

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Spain Talks is an event aimed at the tourism sector of the different key source markets in Spain's promotional strategy – a strategy which, through this event, seeks to attract professionals and industry leaders committed to sustainability and the future of tourism. The event offers a unique opportunity for representatives of airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, destinations, tourism experience providers and other entities in the tourism ecosystem to exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends in sustainable tourism and forge partnerships.



The awards presented at Spain Talks represent a recognition of excellence and innovation in sustainability in the tourism sector. These awards are divided into four different categories to highlight and celebrate initiatives that promote responsible growth in the industry. Turespaña will award the prize to players and partners from source markets whose commitment and dedication have made a significant contribution to the advancement of sustainable tourism in Spain.


The award categories related to source markets cover key areas reflecting commitment to sustainability and innovation in tourism.Media award. The media award will recognise the best coverage of Spain as a destination committed to sustainability, highlighting the importance of communications in promoting responsible practices.Ambassador award. The award for the best opinion leader, influencer or content creator will honour the best content that highlights Spain as a destination committed to sustainability, underlining the power of these professionals in generating awareness.Experience award. The award for the best sustainable tourism product will celebrate the marketing of packages, experiences and offers that promote sustainable tourism in Spain, emphasising the importance of offering authentic and environmentally friendly travel.Business award. The award for the company with the best ESG project will recognise companies' commitment to responsible practices such as carbon footprint offsetting programmes, recycling, accessibility and inclusion of their employees, fostering a focus on sustainability in all facets of business.

Source market categories