The first “Spain Talks” event will be held on 18 September in Stockholm to celebrate excellence, the dedication and innovation of the key players of the Nordic tourism industry, who have stood out for their commitment to the promotion of sustainable tourism.


In its first “Spain Talks”, the Spanish Tourist Office in Stockholm, working with its colleagues from Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen, has developed a comprehensive programme of round tables and presentations with leaders of major tourist entities and destinations from Spain and the Nordic countries. A day focused on sharing valuable experiences and best practices, promoting dialogue, collaboration and exchange of knowledge to promote a more responsible and sustainable tourism future.  

Spain Talks


14:00 Welcome speech and presentation14:50 Lonely Planet presentation, recognition of Spain as one of the Best Sustainable Destinations of 202415:10 Panel discussion about the Impact on Destinations. Measurement of social sustainability. 16:40 Presentation on accessible and inclusive tourism in Spain17:00 Panel discussion on the Best Green Transformation Practices18:00 Conclusions and closing ceremony19:00 Gala dinner and award-giving ceremony


The awards given at Spain Talks represent recognition of excellence and innovation in sustainability in the tourism sector. With a view to highlighting and celebrating initiatives that promote responsible growth in the industry, Turespaña will present the award to stakeholders and partners in the Nordic market whose commitment and dedication have contributed significantly the progress made with sustainable tourism in Spain. The awards will be divided into two different categories and will be awarded by each of the organizing countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark):  Media AwardsAward for the best content on sustainable tourism in Spain published online and offline between January 2023-May 2024. The content must evoke a reflection on tourism sustainability by addressing topics on tourist trips to alternative destinations that are not overcrowded or that highlight the material or intangible heritage of the destinations or their environmental wealth. Experience AwardsAward for the best sustainable tourism product that rewards the sale/distribution of packages, experiences and offers that promote sustainable tourism in Spain, offering the greatest connection to local culture, gastronomy, customs, traditions, nature and people in the destinations.