Barcelona | 03 October 2022 - 05 October 2022

2nd Turespaña Convention Barcelona

The 2nd TURESPAÑA CONVENTION was held at the CCIB in Barcelona from 3-5 October 2022. The event was attended by more than 500 representatives of autonomous communities, local organisations, provincial councils and product clubs – as well as, for the first time, private entities.The aim of the convention is, as in the past, to create a channel and/or forum for communication, both for the exchange of information and for reflection on the strategic objectives of TURESPAÑA, in order to align discourse between the different Spanish tourist destinations.On this occasion, the central theme of the event was Tourism Governance, one of the most important areas of action in the sector, together with the development of competitiveness and the pursuit of sustainability.The programme commenced on Monday 3 October, with Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, opening the event and Fernando Valdés, Secretary of State for Tourism, presenting his department's the most relevant initiatives. Participants in the more than 50 presentations, round tables and debates included Jesús Nuño de la Rosa (CEO of Air Europa), Maurici Lucena (President of AENA), Javier Sánchez-Prieto (CEO of Iberia), and Luis Araujo (President of Tourism of Portugal), among others.

Download the program of the Second Turespaña Convention 2022 in Barcelona


Opening of the 2nd Turespaña Convention. 3 October 2022

Presentation of the 2nd Turespaña Convention3 October 2022

Round table 1: Keys to the future: The challenges of tourism in 2023.3 October 2022

Round table 2: Connectivity and sustainability.3 October 2022

Keys to the development of the tourist destination: from accommodation to experience.3 October 2022

Presentation of the initiatives of the Secretary of State for Tourism. 3 October 2022

Presentation of the General Sub-directorate of Strategy and Services to the Tourism Sector.3 October 2022

Presentation of the General Sub-directorate of Foreign Marketing for Tourism. 3 October 2022

Presentation of the Sub-directorate General for Tourism Studies. 3 October 2022

Barcelona Presentation.4 October 2022

Round table 3. Good public-private collaboration practices.4 October 2022

Interview. How do they do it in other destinations? 4 October 2022

Round table 4. Success models in the governance of tourist destinations.4 October 2022

Introduction 3rd Turespaña Convention Donostia – San Sebastián.4 October 2022

Round table 5. The key is in new content or how to make tourist destinations, products and experiences visible.4 October, 2022

Presentation of European markets.4 October 2022

Presentation of North American markets. 4 October 2022

LATAM market presentations4 October 2022

Asia-Pacific market presentations.4 October 2022

Conclusion of the 2nd Convention.4 October 2022

Summary of the event

2nd Turespaña Convention – Summary of the first day – 3 October

2nd Turespaña Convention – Summary of the second day – 4 October

2nd Turespaña Convention – Summary of the third day – 5 October

2nd Turespaña Convention. Summary of sessions