The Tourism Office of Spain in India and the Consulate General of Spain in Mumbai Celebrate World Tapas Day with a Culinary Extravaganza

  • A Night of Spanish Flavors and Cultural Exchange in Mumbai

The Tourism Office of Spain in India and the Consulate General of Spain in Mumbai, in collaboration with Deoleo, and Fígaro Olive Oil, hosted a vibrant event on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, to commemorate World Tapas Day. The event, held at IFBE spaces in Mumbai, drew over 120 journalists, food writers, travel agents, and members of the Spanish community in Mumbai, creating an evening filled with culinary delights and cultural exchange. The evening commenced at 7:30 pm with an inspiring inaugural speech by Ms. Elisa Robles, Director of the Tourism Office of Spain in India. Highlighting the essence of Spanish tapas, Elisa remarked, "Tapas are more than just food; they are a way of life in Spain, embodying our culture of sharing and enjoying food with good company." Following Elisa's address, Consul General of Spain in Mumbai, Mr. Fernando Heredia Noguer shared his thoughts on the importance of tapas in Spanish culture. He stated, "World Tapas Day is a tribute to the essence of Spanish hospitality and the rich flavors that define our cuisine. It is an opportunity to bring a taste of Spain to the world and celebrate our culinary heritage." The highlight of the evening was an exciting Bingo game, where participants were introduced to the various Spanish tapas, their ingredients, history, and flavors through the game. This innovative game not only entertained but also educated the guests about the diverse world of Spanish tapas. Winners of the Bingo game were awarded gift hampers by Ms. Elisa Robles and Mr. Fernando Heredia Noguer, adding a touch of excitement to the festivities. The event culminated in a delightful networking dinner featuring an array of Spanish tapas, the iconic Paella, delectable Spanish desserts, and a medley of authentic Spanish flavors. To make the evening even more memorable, Deoleo gifted each participant a bottle of Figaro extra virgin olive oil, a key ingredient in Spanish cuisine, allowing them to recreate the Spanish culinary experience at home. This event underscored Spain's commitment to promoting its rich culinary heritage and fostering cultural exchange with Indian audiences. It invited guests to embark on a gastronomic journey through Spain, experiencing the vibrant and diverse flavors that make Spanish cuisine so unique

  • Tourism Office of Spain in India (Turespaña)

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