The first edition of the "Spain Talks" event awards. Caring for the Future" has been designed to celebrate the excellence, dedication and innovation of the protagonists of the tourism industry in the Nordic countries, who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to promoting sustainable tourism. The tourist offices will award 2 prizes in each market: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland:

Media Awards: Dedicated to tourism content creators

Award for the best content on sustainable tourism in Spain published online and offline between January 2023 and May 2024 prompting reflection on the sustainability of tourism. This could be by addressing topics related to tourist visits to alternative destinations with no mass tourism, or by highlighting the tangible or intangible heritage of the destinations or their environmental riches

Experience Awards: Dedicated to Tour Operators and travel agents

The award for the best sustainable tourism product will recognise the marketing of packages, experiences and offers that promote sustainable tourism in Spain, offering the strongest connection with local culture, gastronomy, customs, traditions, nature and people.


Participation criteria

  • Closing date: 15 Agost - 23:59
  • Each participant will be eligible for a single prize in one of the 4 markets