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  • Strategic Marketing Plan
    Strategic Marketing Plan

    Turespaña’s Strategic Marketing Plan (Plan Estratégico de Marketing) is conceived as a tool to help the Spanish Tourism Institute (Instituto de Turismo de España) take on the new challenges posed by the promotion of Destination Spain under the Plan Nacional Integral de Turismo. This Plan aims to boost the tourism revenue of Destination Spain, ensure its sustained growth by means of a diversification strategy and help to increase the power of Spain’s tourism brand.

  • Spain’s Tourism Brand
    Spain’s Tourism Brand

    Spain’s Tourism Brand is a reflection of the country’s image among all tourism stakeholders in the broadest sense of the term: actual and potential tourists, private sector, media, etc. A good brand positioning is hence crucial for successful promotion of the destination. This is therefore one of the prime aims of the Instituto de Turismo de España: ensure the best possible positioning of Spain’s tourism brand in collaboration with the other public organisations responsible for the remaining brand factors, such as the Spanish Institute of Overseas Trade (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior: ICEX), Instituto Cervantes and the organisation responsible for promoting Spain’s heritage and culture at home and aboard, Acción Cultural Exterior.

  • Sports marketing and publicity campaigns

    The Instituto de Turismo de España, in due accordance with the tourism objectives laid down at each moment, has been carrying out promotion campaigns abroad, progressively shaping the image of Spain’s tourism product. Since 1985 the common feature of the promotion campaigns has been Miró’s logotype, widely recognised in all the outbound markets to Spain.

  • Online Marketing
    Online Marketing

    Turespaña’s online communication plan is based on two mainstays: the “I need Spain” internet campaign, carried out on various online media and geared towards each target public and country, and the set of marketing actions for social networking sites, mobile iPad and iPhone apps and the YouTube thematic channel.

  • Tradefairs and conferences
    Tradefairs and conferences

    Turespaña draws up an annual programme of  participation in international tourism tradefairs and also systematically supports marketing activities in emerging markets by organizing conferences in both the source and destination countries. 

  • Collaboration Agreements
    Collaboration Agreements

    The Instituto de Turismo de España carries out tourism marketing actions to improve its ranking and support the marketing of Spain’s tourism destinations in international markets. To do so it signs collaboration agreements with all the regional authorities (Comunidades Autónomas) and also with diverse institutions, associations and companies with which it shares promotion objectives abroad.

  • Products

    Within the Strategic Marketing Plan (Plan Estratégico de Marketing) the Instituto de Turismo de España has opted for the creation of five product categories to meet the various needs posed by visitors to Spain. These categories, tried and tested both within the sector and vis-à-vis the end consumer, have been built up from criteria of attractiveness and competitiveness: relaxation, discovery, enjoyment, learning and meeting people.

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